pool party flyer template

Pool Party Flyer

Everyone's invited to the pool party, let them know using our outstanding party flyer templates.

With our pool party event flyer template, you'll have an easy time designing an impressive flyer that generates lots of excitement. First, you want to mention who's hosting this cool event, what the event is, what guests can expect to find (music, food, games, prizes, etc.) the location and the time. Since parties are generally exciting, emphasize that part of your flyer the most. This template does just that by using a large, unique, vintage-style font that attracts attention. The rest of the content is simple and easy to scan. You can stick with a similar approach to make sure you attract the most people, as well. For this template, the in-ground pool stock photo works great as a background. Since the image is flat and two-toned, it's simple but tells you everything you need to know. If you've got awesome pictures of your venue, then use one as a background image. Otherwise, search for the image you want in our stock-photo library. We have countless stock photos and constantly add more each day. Your flyer is really all about an experience, and real images help people imagine it. If you choose to use plain colors, icons or animated images to create a background, it might not have the same effect here. So keep that in mind to get the most out of your awesome flyer design. Did you find everything you were looking for? Can we help improve your experience with Venngage at all? Let us know! We're always happy to help our subscribers with their design projects.